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Affordable, interactive courses

Our courses are affordable and interactive, to suit the needs of working professionals and students that want to align their learning with their busy schedule, in an engaging way, through live English teachers while they virtually meet new friends!

Global leader in English
language training

With a history dating back to 1901, the Linguaphone Group from London has unrivalled global experience in delivering English language training worldwide to students from diverse backgrounds and cultures. We are proud of our rich heritage and market-leading curriculum.

Innovative student resources

Combining the best teaching practices with our interactive learning platform ensures our courses are both effective and engaging. Our teaching method has been taught all over the world since 1997, helping thousands of students succeed in becoming confident English speakers.

Qualified native English teachers

Learn from our experts within the industry, specifically trained to help you learn English with distinct levels of proficiency. All our teachers have a relevant University degree and professional qualifications in TEFL, CELTA or Trinity.

Learn with new friends

Meet new friends who are embarking on their English journey just like you! Our teaching model allow you not only to become a fluent English speaker but also to make new friendships throughout the course.

Global network of Direct English
training centers

We make English language teaching available and accessible for everyone. Globally, We have helped 1000s students to achieve their career goals and develop their English proficiency across Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Some insights from our Teachers

By Teacher Leon

Tips for Learning English

By Teacher Helen

A typical Direct English Live lesson

By Teacher Zina

Why is Direct English Live so unique?

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