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Our monthly English courses are US$99 per month, for your chosen course duration. Please choose from our 2 or 6 month courses. A 6-month courses is a complete level and will provide a CEFR A1 or A2 certificate. A 2-month course will provide you with one third of a full level.

The total price you will be over the duration of the course will be:
2-month course - US$198
6-month course - US$594

Please choose your preferred start day and time from the options below. This will be the date of your first live class, and your classess will continue on this same day and time for the duration of your course.







How it works

How the gift card works:

  • Once you selected the amount you want to send as a gift, you will be asked the details in the cart page. You can either add your email or the email of the recipient of your gift, depending where you want the voucher code to be delivered to.
  • When you completed the purchase, a discount code will be sent via email.
  • Your recipient will go to and choose the right level for them. At the time of purchase, in the cart page, the recipient is asked to add the voucher discount corresponding to the code you or the recipient received, which will be of the same amount corresponding to the gift you purchased.

To read the full terms and conditions, please read here. We require credit card details at the time of purchase. All our payments are encrypted so we don't have access to card details. You can also pay via PayPal.

How is the course structured?

Once a week Live class + 24/7 interactive content on our Learning Platform.
Class schedule: 6pm – 7.30pm UK time
Class Size: 6 (maximum)
6-months course - 1 Level achieved.

Certificate: CEFR-Aligned Direct English Certificate at the end of the course, based on the level you enrolled (Beginner A2 or Intermediate A1).

Your gift card  is refundable if you send us a cancellation request within 14 days of your purchase, provided the unique voucher code has not been used. We will verify this at the time of your cancellation request.

* Satisfied or Refunded

Your recipient has 14 days to try our English learning method.

We are sure you will enjoy our course, however if within the 14 days since the date of the purchase of the selected course, your recipient is not satisfied with it,, they can request to cancel your enrolment.
To exercise the right to cancel, they must inform us of your decision to cancel the Contract by a clear statement within 14 (fourteen) days from the order confirmation through our Cancellation form.



2 か月または 6 か月のコースに登録されている学生の場合、予約時に希望の開始日を選択します。

カンバセーション クラブのサブスクリプションはすぐに開始されるため、今後予定されているどのクラスにも参加できます。毎月新しいクラスを事前にリリースしています。





当社の Conversation Club サブスクリプションは、柔軟で学習しながら学習できるように設計されています。最も都合の良いときにクラスに立ち寄ってください。


はい。 「いつでもキャンセル」サブスクリプションに参加している場合は、 宛てのメールですぐにキャンセルできます。

標準サブスクリプションをご利用の場合、最初の 3 か月以内にキャンセルすることはできませんが、最低期間を終了した後は、30 日前までにメールで に通知することでキャンセルできます。

コース受講生の場合、14 日間の無料キャンセル条項が適用されます。コースが自分に合わない場合は、最初の 14 日以内であればいつでも にメールでキャンセルできます。