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Maintain Your English - Conversational English

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Payment every 1 Month

Our monthly English courses are US$99 per month, for your chosen course duration. Please choose from our 2 or 6 month courses. A 6-month courses is a complete level and will provide a CEFR A1 or A2 certificate. A 2-month course will provide you with one third of a full level.

Welcome to our Conversational English Course, where confident communication comes alive! Ready to end language barriers and engage in natural, flowing conversations?

In this course, we focus on developing your conversational skills, empowering you to express yourself with ease and confidence in various real-life situations. Whether you want to engage in social interactions, participate in business discussions, or simply connect with others on a deeper level, our Conversational English Course is tailored to meet your needs.

  • Expertise Guided by Natives: Develop your English skills with the guidance of native teachers, ensuring authentic language comprehension and cultural insights.
  • Command with Confidence: Unlock the art of confident communication as you learn to express yourself with poise and grace.
  • Engage with Like-minded Peers: Immerse yourself in interactive sessions with individuals who share your passion for learning, fostering a supportive and motivating environment.
  • Expand Your Vocabulary Horizons: Master new English words every step of the way, enriching your lexicon and enhancing your language versatility.
  • Elevate Your Accomplishments: Triumph in the course and earn a prestigious certificate, a symbol of your dedication and linguistic mastery.
  • Instant Access for Instant Progress: Seize the moment and dive into your language journey right away with immediate course access.
  • Embrace Weekly Empowerment: Savor the benefits of a session per week, witnessing steady language growth and continuous improvement.

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Qualified English

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payment options

frequently asked questions

How can I find the right level for me?

Our placement test will help you identify how confident you are when speaking English. Based on the frequency you speak the language, we will address you to the right level.

Here you can find some helpful resources that can further assist you in identifying what you achieve at the end of each level. If you feel you can achieve all listed in the beginner course, you'll then are a perfect fit for the Intermediate.

Beginner 1 skills

Intermediate 1 skills

How do I know if the Direct English works for me?

Thousands of students worldwide asked themselves this question before enrolling to a new course. At Direct English we are proud to have a 98% success rate from students, which means that 98 students out of 100 achieve their desired level with us, and 90% of our students find our method so effective and engaging that they re-enroll to achieve the next level!

We are so confident that you also will get the most of our online courses, that we give a 14-days cancellation policy. If you request a cancellation within 14 days of your purchase, we will refund you in full within 14 days!

Can I skip a class?

Yes, you can, with our blending learning offering you are able to catch up by self-studying on the platform. However, if you learn best through interactive live teaching then try not to miss out on any of the classes.  

How many live classes there are in one level?

Alongside our self-study interactive platform access, you'll have 90 mins live classes with a native teachear every week.

Where possible, we always try to keep the same teacher and small group along the six months-course.

How does the GIFT CARD work?

When you select the amount you'd like to send as GIFT CARD, we will send the email (whether yours or the email of the recipient, depending on which email you add on the cart) with the discount code corresponding to the amount you paid.

This way the recipient of your gift will be discounted the amount you gifted them to enrol in one of our course. At the time of enrolment they can choose if they need a Beginner or Intermediate course.

It's a great feeling to receive such a lifelong gift, which will help them improve their career and enhance their future by learning English!

Is the certificate of achievement industry approved?

If you decide to embark on a learning journey with us and start either the Beginner or Immediate courses, you will become CEFR certified in A1 or A2. These levels were developed by the Council of Europe to validate language learning ability by giving students a firm understanding of English grammar and vocabulary. The CEFR Framework was designed to convey the different levels of oral, written comprehension of the English language. Teachers can use this framework to determine what level their students are and if they require any extra help. Direct English Live’s levels are aligned with the CEFR’s framework.