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3 top podcasts to practice English

Are you often on the go with little time on your hands? Why not make learning English part of your every day by listening to these audible, easily digestible podcasts that make learning a new language fun, exciting, and accessible to all. 

According to research from Fluent in 3 months, listening comprehension is one of the hardest skills to learn in language learning, it is the one hurdle that language learners struggle to overcome. What use is there if you can pass all of your tests and read like a professional if you are unable to participate in the conversation and put all of your hard work into practice. 

Additionally, Wright has demonstrated that by listening effectively, you will obtain more information from the people you interact with, increase other's trust in you, and will reduce conflict. All in all, we all need to be good listeners otherwise our interactions with each other would involve a lot of interruptions and disagreements. 

Podcasts have become so popular in recent years, Brandastic: helping people to delve deep into topics without having to set time apart to read or watch a video 

Check out our selection of the best podcasts that will help you to practice English – the best part about it? You only need headphones. 


podcast in English


  1. All Ears English 

Helping learners to improve on their business English skills with 4 short episodes every week, they offer fresh examples, real-world tips, and fun role plays. You can access real-time transcripts, whilst tapping into new vocabulary words and review your personalised list.

The hosts are Lindsay McMahon (ESL Entrepreneur), Jessica Beck (Director at All Ears English Education), Michelle Kaplan (Podcast host, ESL instructor).

 ‘Learning English is about connecting people, we will show you how to do it’

This podcast is great for all levels, it is easily digestible and great for commuting to and from work/education.

You can find the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify. 

  1. Adept English

Adept English aims to help learners with speaking English, through 2 weekly podcasts featuring other free resources for studying idioms, grammar, pronunciation, and listening skills.

Adept English allows users to download transcripts so they can practice at a time and a pace that suits them best. The lessons are fun, interactive and engaging spanning across beginner levels to more advanced, intermediate levels. Users are also able to use comment sections to interact and engage with each other and ask questions. Alot of the podcast topics are also translated into blog posts which are ideal for written learners.

 This is a great podcast to listen to if you have a spare 10minutes on your daily school or work commute and you want to brush up on your existing English knowledge.

You can find them here - or on Spotify.

 podcast to learn english

  1. Working Hard, Hardly Working by Grace Beverley

Grace Beverley is a young entrepreneur and CEO of TALA and Sheddy.

In her endearing lifestyle podcast, she interviews guests and speaks honestly about career success, achievement and burnout. Additionally, she discusses juggling the work, home life balance in light of COVID 19 and provides her listeners with some useful tips and tricks for navigating the business world and the importance of networking in day to day life.

You can find Working Hard, Hardly Working on Spotify and Apple music.




Photo by Mohammad Metri on Unsplash